Tequila Made Me Do It

Tequila Made Me Do It

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“An array of agave-based cocktails . . . introduces readers to the history and versatility behind spicy Tequila and smoky mezcal.” —The Spirits Business, “Unmissable Spirits Books for Spring 2020”

Tequila—and its stage-stealing cousin mezcal—has become an internationally lauded addition to cocktail bars the world over. This enchantingly illustrated book will introduce you to the incredible world of agave-based cocktails, from the smooth and smoky to the citrus-infused.

In Tequila Made Me Do It, none other than La Niña del Mezcal, Cecilia Rios Murrieta, will acquaint you with the engaging world of these Mexican spirits, teaching you everything you need to know about their history, production, and—most importantly—tips on mixing and imbibing marvelous classics and luscious innovations.

From the traditional margarita and its hibiscus, Cadillac, and mezcalita brethren, to a wide range of delectable cocktails, such as the Oaxacan Dead and Levitation, the recipes in this book are fun to create—and even more fun to drink!

“It’s only a small book but packs a lot of different recipes in, and definitely made me want to go one step beyond my usual standby recipes. It’s also a book you’ll enjoy reading for the little introductions to these agave cocktail recipes. And I love those colorful and lively illustrations!” —Travel Distilled

“A fun book written by someone very passionate about the spirit with fantastic tequila recipes.” —Monsters & Critics